Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Study: Regular public school students do better than charter school students in math, reading

The bad news for proponents of anything but regular public school education continued Tuesday with the release of a report showing public school students did slightly better than charter school students in reading and math.
Naturally, the charter school proponents are already citing problems with the studies, but it appears that charter schools, which are public schools that operate independently from the rules that govern normal public schools, are not the great cureall for education that their proponents originally claimed they would be.
Others saw charter schools for what they really are, a pathway to public support for private schools, since many of those supporting the charter school movement are the same ones who support vouchers to private schools.
While there are obviously many problems facing public schools, problems I might add that mirror the problems of society itself, I still cannot understand why this cabal of the rich and spoiled are trying to destroy what may be the greatest invention this country has ever had...a public education system designed to teach everyone from the most gifted student to those who are severely mentally handicapped.
As long as we have a small group of ultra-wealthy businessmen and the politicians whose campaigns they are financing, trying to shove charter schools and private school vouchers down our throats, much-needed funding and resources are going to be diverted from our public schools.

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