Friday, August 25, 2006

Jarden departure shows another problem with tax increment financing

Jarden Corporation's decision to pull out of Milford, Mass, to move operations to Florida shows one of the bad sides of tax increment financing (TIFs).
Not only will 220 people lose their jobs when the move takes place, but Milford gets nothing out of a TIF arrangement that pulled money out of the local tax system for five years.
Jarden Corporation is the owner of the former Sunbeam plant in Neosho.

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Anonymous said...

Keep your eye on Branson. They have opened their purse to anyone that wants to reach in and pilfer the coffers. Nothing says they will all survive the winter in a tourist town.

The Branson Landing at nearly half a billion dollars is the largest TIF in the State of Missouri. That same TIF might make other headlines down the road.