Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Appeal set on $12 million decision in Jasper Popcorn case

Lawyers for International Flavor & Fragrances and Bush Boake Allen will attempt to have a $15 million verdict by a Jasper County jury reversed during a hearing Sept. 19 before the Missouri Southern District Court of Appeals in Springfield.
Richard and Lana Brand were awarded $15 million, $12 for Brand and $3 million for his wife, following a two-week trial in March 2005:

Richard Brand contends that he developed a rare and irreversible lung disease called bronchiolitis obliterans -- also known as Popcorn Packer's Lung -- from exposure to diacetyl, a chemical in the butter flavoring sold by the defendants to Gilster-Mary Lee.

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Heatherina said...

What products was the butter-flavoring used in? I can't find it on a google search -- I guess this company really tried to erase all records of diacetyl use. I'd like to know what it's used in, though, so I can avoid those foods! Thanks.