Friday, March 09, 2007

Andrew Blunt drops Maximus as client

It took just a little over a month for lobbyist Andrew Blunt to drop Maximus, Inc. as a client (or vice versa).
Missouri Ethics Commission documents show that as of Tuesday, March 6, Blunt is no longer representing the Virginia-based firm, which has been in the running for state contracts, despite being the target of a grand jury investigation in Washington, D.C. and running into problems in several other states.
The parting of the ways between the governor's brother and the company, which provides government services when those services are privatized, came less than a week after a Turner Report post noted that Maximus was being investigated by the Washington D. C. grand jury for allegedly bilking the city out of tens of millions of dollars.
Earlier, this blog noted that Maximus was also being investigated or had been investigated in New York, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

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