Monday, July 06, 2009

Columnist: Emery, birthers ignoring all evidence

Ryan Witt of St. Louis Political Buzz Examiner is astounded, as are most intelligent people, that people like Rep. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, lend any credence to the theory that Barack Obama is not a citizen of the United States and therefore should not be president:

The representatives listed above honestly still have questions regarding the Obama birth certificate despite numerous reports from non-partisan groups proving President Obama is a natural-born citizen. These reports give eyewitness evidence from people who have actually seen the Obama birth certificate in person and felt the raised seal on the document. In addition the Hawaii Department of Health and other governmental agencies have all independently verified the authenticity of the Obama birth certificate.

In a democracy which allows for free speech you will always have some in the citizenry who hold on to extreme beliefs despite all evidence to the contrary. This is part of the price we must pay to have our freedoms. I have come to expect a few extremists here or there to hold on to their radical ideas despite a lack of any facts to support their claims. What is quite frankly shocking is the fact that elected representatives are actually holding these viewpoints as well. It is easy to see why this small group of extremists are willing to hold on to their beliefs when elected officials actually give them support.

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kay9 said...

Confronting conspiracy theorists with evidence doesn't help anything. Any evidence presented is just considered further evidence of a deeper conspiracy. But this isn't your every day kind of conspiracy.

What it really comes down to? If you want to know what a racist looks like - but they don't know they're racists and might be an local official - just say Hi to a Birther.