Saturday, August 22, 2009

Goodman holds health roundtable discussion in Branson

Sen. Jack Goodman, R-Mount Vernon, a candidate for the Republican nomination for Seventh District Congress, held a roundtable on healthcare Aug. 19 in Branson. The following news release came from Goodman:

Senator Jack Goodman (R-Mt. Vernon) today (8/19) met with constituents, providers and others from the healthcare community to talk about the ongoing healthcare debate and its implications for state government. The meeting was held at the Branson Chamber of Commerce.

Individuals from all over Taney County and the surrounding area were invited to participate in a roundtable discussion about current proposals for healthcare reform and its effect on state government and state-regulated activities. In attendance were private citizens that were both insured and uninsured, small business owners, healthcare professionals from a variety of fields, and elected officials. After kicking the meeting off with a brief introduction and welcome, Sen. Goodman dove right into the reason for the meeting.

“We are all here today because many of the proposals being talked about on the federal level will have a huge impact on the way Missouri’s government regulates and interacts with the healthcare industry,” Sen. Goodman said. “For example, one current proposal would mandate that states increase the minimum poverty requirements for Medicaid by 133 percent, and could eventually have serious consequences for Missouri’s budget. I think before federal lawmakers vote to overturn fiscally sound polices enacted by Missourians with unsustainable spending, they should at least have the common courtesy to ask our opinion.”

During the roundtable conversation, Sen. Goodman was able to interact with people from a wide range of backgrounds and professional experience, and get feedback from them about which federal proposals they think will work and which they think will not. Concerns expressed ranged from the cost of treating meth users to government obstacles to local charitable efforts. One individual expressed dismay that the federal government is discouraging personal responsibility and encouraging unhealthy lifestyles that drive up the cost of healthcare. During the meeting, Sen. Goodman was busy taking notes detailing many of the suggestions and concerns raised by those in attendance. As the meeting drew to a close, Sen. Goodman summarized many of the ideas and concerns, concluding that government needs to recognize and encourage local efforts that are working, such as the Jordan Valley FQHC and the Faith Community Health Center in Branson. Government should eliminate regulatory obstacles to local solutions and replicate these successes across the country.

“I think it is absolutely critical that elected officials not shy away from their obligation to meet with citizens and hear their concerns about this rapidly changing debate,” Sen. Goodman said. “The leadership in Washington must wake up and realize that their tax and spend philosophy is squandering our children and grandchildren’s opportunity for prosperity. These kinds of meetings are an essential part of making that happen.”


Not True said...

I read this press release when it came out and was shocked.

There were no notices posted, no media reps nor true leaders at the event.

There was the mayor of Branson who is also on the board of a local hospital.

Pure Astroturf and a deceptive release

Anonymous said...

I live in the Branson area and never heard this mentioned by ANY news media....period.

I have my doubts that Goodman was even in the Branson area. A hot air news release, nothing else.

Had he been here, it would have had coverage, since it a hot button issue.

Just more political blather from an expert.