Wednesday, August 26, 2009

McCaskill town hall meeting gets rowdy

Whatever happened to good old fashioned civility?

Sen. Claire McCaskill's town hall meeting in Jefferson City ran into a few rude people, as evidenced by Jason Rosenbaum's YouTube video:


Anonymous said...

She can't answer a real queston unless she reads the bill.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad the right wing's collection of rubes and bumpkins have to be so rude. They have no idea of the way they're being used by nefarious powerful people they don't even know exist.

It just goes to show that it only takes a very few fools to raise a commotion. But don't worry Republican right: We know you have nothing to offer.

In the end, good will triumph over right-wing big corporation evil.

Strange how things even up, ain't it?

mariwinn said...

Well, glad to see some rowdiness on the other side of the state rather than just in Joplin where Claire called the crowd "rude". 'Seems she has skipped planning a health care forum in Joplin.....

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Bush thought the same way - no civil order - when the left wing's collectin of rubes and bumpkins were screaming about the war on terror.