Thursday, December 02, 2010

Bad publicity didn't steer Billy Long away from Metropolitan Grill

The last weeks of the Seventh District Congressional campaign were highlighted by accusations that eventual winner Billy Long had attended parties with strippers in a back room at the Metropolitan Grill in Springfield.

The bad publicity did not prevent Long from having his election watch party at the Grill, according to documents filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission.

Long paid $623.22 for an "election watch party at the Grill Nov. 2, according to the filing.

That spending is mild compared to the media blitz that ensured Long's comfortable victory over Democratic opponent Scott Eckersley. The Springfield auctioneer spent $136,332.75 with Strategic Media Services, Washington, D. C. in the last two weeks of the campaign for television ads for the Joplin and Springfield markets.

The documents also showed Long gave a $5,000 bonus to his campaign manager Royce Reding.


Anonymous said...

We've sent an auctioneer to do a statesman's job.

Anonymous said...

So what, last I heard, it was the government of the people, by the people; not of the statesmen by the statesmen!

Anonymous said...

The Founding Fathers were the most senior statesmen and seasoned politicians at that time. That's so what, knuckle dragger.