Friday, December 10, 2010

Reinke files answer to city of Joplin's complaint

The man who marketed the recent Mother Road Marathon says the city of Joplin has no right to the name and that he has just as much right to promote the event as the city.

In a response to the city of Joplin's petition for preliminary and permanent injunctions, Dean Reinke of Reinke Sports Group said, "Defendant states the Mother Road Marathon is a sporting event and no individual or entity can “own” an event and that neither party has established the exclusive right to use the name “Mother Road Marathon” or the right to use the logo attached to Plaintiff’s petition and Defendant has as much right to advertise, promote and market the event as does Plaintiff."

Reinke, represented by the Joplin law firm of Fleischaker and Williams, asked that the city's action be dismissed and that the city pay for his legal costs.

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