Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kanakuk asks for change of venue in sexual abuse lawsuit

In a motion filed March 18 in Taney County Circuit Court, Kanakuk officials asked for a change of venue in the lawsuit filed by one of the victims of sexual predator Pete Newman, a former camp director. Newman is serving two life sentences, plus 30 years, after pleading guilty last year to sex charges involving multiple underage boys. Newman is also a defendant in this action.

The motion will likely be taken up at the next hearing in the case, scheduled for 9 a.m. April 7. Another court filing indicates the lead attorney for Kanakuk will be Keith Alan Cary of the Kansas City law firm of Franke, Schultz & Mullen.

Kanakuk, Newman, and Kanakuk CEO Joe White are named in a second civil suit, filed earlier this month in U. S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. That action was filed by the parents of a child who was molested by Newman while attending the Kanakuk Christian sports camp.

Previous Turner Report posts on Kanakuk and Pete Newman can be found at this link.


Anonymous said...

Kanakuk can use the jet to ferry the attorney around. File that under WWJD.

Oh, wait, the Kanakuk pilot is in prison for molesting a child, and Joe testified that he would "trust this man with his own grandchildren."

It's going to be interesting.

Anonymous said...

What Jet? Which pilot is in prison?

Anonymous said...

Tail # N520DF.

The pilot's name was Robert John Morgan. Morgan was convicted of raping his biological daughter.

He's in prison, but only until 2014.

While awaiting trial, Joe gave Morgan a place to stay at Kanakuk. While our kids were there. Joe then counseled Morgan's (now ex) wife to forgive her husband and allow him back into their family home. Joe told her "Love conquers all." When she opted to protect her daughter, Joe ostracized the woman in the Branson community. She and her daughter were devastated by Joe's actions.

Later, at Morgan's trial, Joe gave a witness statement in support of Morgan, saying that he (White) would trust Morgan around his own grandchildren. Oh, Joe! You did more than that...you trusted another predator around OUR children.

This Orlando case, without a doubt, won't be the last we hear of a sexual predator at Kanakuk. Joe White created a perfect hunting ground and "kulture" for them to thrive. While the "leadership" of the camp is busy patting each other on the back for their "awesome, raging, hearts for God" the sickest people worked their way into our children's midst. While Joe was busy outlawing the word "butt" and having kids sing "I'm a little teapot" for the sin of putting their elbows on the table at meals...Pete Newman, Robert Morgan, and others were moving in our children.

Good job, Joe!

Anonymous said...

No matter where the trial is held, truth is still truth. The truth has been shielded and veiled since 1999, but it still prevailed in the end. Concealing wrongdoing has been many a good man's curse. You'd think they'd just come clean with what they knew and how they concealed it and take the consequences. But this continued evading of the truth is why there is such disillusionment out there all over the country, and why there will surely be more lawsuits coming.

Anonymous said...

Even Pete himself stood in that courtroom and acknowleged that he needed to pay for his crimes, saying, "I need to go to prison."

At some point, those who have done wrong need to come clean and accept the consequences.

Kanakuk is a good place with fine leaders who NEVER intended anyone to be hurt....BUT, their decisions directly led to an astronomical amount of horrific pain that endure for lifetimes for many many people. They should AT LEAST admit to their wrongdoing. If they really believe that God is in control, they'll do that, and leave the consequences in His hands.

Anonymous said...

You had a previous post for Ed Ringheim who was a former kanakuk counselor. He was arrested in 2001 for molesting boys. Just noticed he was arrested Feb 13,2012 for more counts of molesting boys. Do you know of this?

Randy said...

I did not. I will check that out.

Anonymous said...

Am giving you a head's up. Another kanakuk kamp staff was arrested on March 30 for molesting campers. Should hit the news on April 2nd. Lee Bradberry of Auburn, AL. Please keep us informed as the story develops.

Randy said...

I have the information on the charges. Can anyone tell me what his position was on the Kanakuk staff?