Friday, March 18, 2011

Engler: It's time to take the federal unemployment benefits money

Sen. Kevin Engler, R-Farmington, says it is time to accept the federal money for unemployment benefits:

It was a hit and miss week up here at the Capitol right before spring break.

It was a hit when my amendment on the workers compensation bill passed. This would ensure that if a worker is harmed with chemicals used on the job that the employer can not go back after workers compensation that has been paid out after the court settlement has been reached.

One of the misses is that last year we reduced the amount of boards and commissions to keep government smaller and this week we formed ANOTHER board. The Senate approved Senate Bill 162, The Farm to Table Advisory Board. Some things we just can’t get away from.

Another hit was Senate Bill 55 that was approved by the Senate this week. This measure would classify sawmills as agricultural property rather than commercial property which will allow them to be taxed at a lower rate. Our local saw mills are struggling to stay open and this bill will help them to survive.

The biggest debate this week is whether we should take the federal money on extending unemployment benefits and money to help supplement education for this year. No one hates the federal government more than I do. (I just completed my taxes this week.) But if the feds are going to send money to other states for these benefits, then I think Missourians should also be entitled to access this money.

We will return to the Capitol on March 28. Congressional redistricting and the budget are some of the top issues that we will be discussing in the coming weeks, and I will continue to keep you updated on the work we accomplish in the 2011 legislative session. I am looking forward to being out and about in the district over spring break and hope to see some of you.

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Anonymous said...

You can not have it both ways! If you are for small government then no handouts! Stand by your principles. Don't try to fool the unemployed that you are looking out for them to try to get their vote and then do everything you can to cut off the rest of their benefits. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps! You do not need the government to get you out of this.