Tuesday, March 22, 2011

McCaskill: I'm being held accountable, like I should be

Sen. Claire McCaskill's plane woes hit the Washington Post today:

McCaskill told reporters that after the political trip on the plane was reported, she conducted an extensive audit of all the times she had used it. That search turned up the fact that she had not paid personal property taxes on the aircraft, totaling $287,273.
The senator said it was an honest mistake. Not all states charge personal property taxes, and because planes are not registered with the state or the county, she was never billed.
“I’m being held accountable, like I should be,” she said. “I made this mistake.”

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Anonymous said...

"McCaskill recently co-sponsored a bill in the Senate that would send pink slips to federal employees who are found to have unpaid taxes."

Let's just give her the pink slip in November, 2012.