Thursday, October 27, 2011

GOP: Middle class McCaskill sells private plane for $1.9 million

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

Seven months after Claire McCaskill made national headlines for failing to pay $320,000 in property taxes on her private plane, and just three weeks after she told POLITICO that she “would be considered middle class,” McCaskill revealed yesterday that she had finally sold her plane… for $1.9 million dollars.

“Claire McCaskill is a lot of things—liberal, out-of-touch, a tax-cheat, a rubberstamp for the Obama agenda—but the $1.9 million sale of her private plane shows yet again that she is certainly not middle class,” said Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party. “McCaskill can pretend to be middle class and she can claim to be a government watchdog—but the ‘Air Claire’ scandal proved once and for all that McCaskill’s walk doesn’t match her talk.”

Last March, the quick succession of embarrassing revelations surrounding McCaskill’s private plane—reimbursing herself for travel on the plane, billing taxpayers for political travel, and failing to pay $320,000 in property taxes—cast doubt on McCaskill’s competence and obliterated her carefully-cultivated image as an auditor and government watchdog.

Compounding her problems, McCaskill’s own statements prove just how out-of-touch she has become.

At the same time she told POLITICO that she was “middle class,” an online listing for her luxury plane described its “six-seat Platinum Executive interior, which also includes pleated-leather seats, all with articulating headrests and adjustable lumbar support for ever-so-comfortable flights.”

And in March, during the media firestorm surrounding her failure to pay taxes, McCaskill even claimed that she used the private plane “much, much more as a mom, and a grandmother, and a wife than I did as a United States Senator.”

Of course, Missourians see through McCaskill’s charade—because everyone knows that real middle-class moms, grandmothers, and wives can’t afford “ever-so-comfortable flights” in a multi-million dollar private plane.

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