Friday, October 21, 2011

Steelman: Time for Brunner to put up or shut up

(From the Sarah Steelman for Senate campaign)

For the third consecutive week, John Brunner is nowhere to be found regarding a key challenge in the campaign for US Senate. Both Steelman and Akin were confirmed for a debate earlier this week that was postponed by the producer.

In a push for open and honest discussion of the issues, Sarah Steelman challenged St. Louis residents John Brunner and Congressman Todd Akin to a series of debates across the state. Mr. Brunner has yet to even issue a statement as to whether he'll accept. McGraw Milhaven, host of The McGraw Show on KTRS out of St. Louis and potential host of a debate has been unsuccessful in his attempts to contact either St. Louis candidate as well. Neither campaign has responded to his invitation to debate.

"The people of this state are tired of politics as usual. This race should be won on the merits, not hiding behind a multi-million dollar ad campaign. We have major battles that must be won to pull our country out of the hole that Barack Obama and Claire McCaskill have dug for us. Fancy ads and teleprompters helped get us into this mess, and we don't need more of it. I insist on real debates on real issues that are facing our citizens, so that they can know who we are and where we stand. I suggest Mr. Brunner either step up or step aside.”

Dr. Gina Loudon, host of the Gina Loudon Show and University of Missouri College Republicans along with several potential debate hosts are still waiting to hear from the other primary candidates as well.

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Anonymous said...

WOW Sarah, a political bumpkin telling a successful, job-producing, businessman to put up or shut up? That takes balls.