Saturday, November 03, 2012

Gun Owners of America endorse Ed Martin

(From the Ed Martin campaign)

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund recently announced their endorsement of Ed Martin for Attorney General. Vice Chairman Tim Macy released the following statement:

"Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse Ed Martin for Attorney General.

Ed Martin is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment who is dedicated to protecting the rights of Missouri’s gun owners.

As state Attorney General, Ed will stand against unconstitutional intrusions of the federal government.  He understands that the U.S Constitution is a check federal power—not a grant of unlimited authority.

Ed strongly supports the right of Missourians to carry concealed firearms, and he will work to expand reciprocal concealed carry agreements with other states.  And Ed Martin supports the Firearms Freedom Act, which holds that any firearm that is made in the state, identified as such, and stays in the state is exempt from federal firearms laws. 

GOA encourages gun owners and sportsmen across the Show Me State to vote for Ed Martin for Attorney General on Election Day."
Ed Martin proudly accepted the endorsement:

"I'm honored to be endorsed by these courageous defenders of our Second Amendment freedoms. I am committed to fighting for our rights and freedoms which are under attack from those pushing the liberal progressive agenda, including Obama’s Lawyer Chris Koster. I am glad to know that I am joined in this fight by the Gun Owners of America and freedom loving patriots across Missouri."

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