Saturday, November 03, 2012

Missouri Truckers Association endorses Dave Spence

(From the Dave Spence campaign)

Yesterday the Missouri Trucking Association (MoTA) announced it had endorsed Dave Spence for governor.  MoTA represents the interests of the trucking industry and motor carriers in Missouri.  MoTA’s mission includes promoting the interests of 725 companies that operate trucks, including both for-hire and private carriers, and allied members that provide products and services to the motor carriers industry. To see the endorsement letter, click here.

    “Dave Spence is a businessman, like us, who understands the risks associated with running a business in Missouri.” said Tom Kolb, Chair of the Missouri Trucking Association.  “The foundation of Dave Spence's campaign is a pro-business & pro-growth platform that we have been pushing for in the legislature for years."

    “I’m thrilled to receive the endorsement of the Missouri Trucking Association,” said Spence. “Career politician Jay Nixon has failed Missouri businesses and Missouri citizens by ignoring their needs and only focusing on advancing his political career.  He’s a shill for the special interests that have stifled job-creation and growth in our state.  The groups that work with Jay Nixon closest are turning to my campaign because they can’t afford another four years of his failed policies.  I look forward to working with MoTA to help jumpstart our Missouri trucking industry and this stagnant economy."

    The MoTA endorsement comes on the heels of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber PAC, Missouri Farm Bureau’s Farm PAC, Missouri Corrections Officers Association, Missouri Right to Life and the Eagle Forum endorsements of Dave Spence’s campaign for governor.

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