Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Links provided to posts on Joplin R-8 attempt to fire me

I thought this would be a good time to collect all of the links to posts I have been made about my current situation with the Joplin R-8 Administration.

The Joplin School District's Charges Against Me

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Besendorfer: Easiest Way to Bring Down a Male Teacher is to Accuse Him of Inappropriate Conduct

My Frustration with My Current Job Situation

JHS Students Support Me in Letter to Joplin Globe

Secret Recording, Devil's Messenger Cited in New Charges Against Me

He Shot a Man in Reno Just to Watch Him Die

Some Background About the Writing of No Child Left Alive

The Last Assignment

The Books That Got Me Fired

Joplin R-8 Administration Using Taxpayer Money to Hunt Down Turner Report Commenters

School Discipline and the Writing of No Child Left Alive

Some Thoughts About Scars from the Tornado and My Current Situation

Reference to No Child Left Alive Caused Lockdown at East Middle School

Joplin R-8 Administration Cracked Down on Turner Report Coverage of Speck, MSSU in 2012


Anonymous said...

There will be thousands of people thinking about you today as the Board has its meeting. I was feeling pretty hopeful that change was in the air until I read the article about their retreat in the Globe this morning. Employee retention gets a small mention. Not paying attention to the daily activities of the district seems a bigger priority. Not paying attention to the activities done while they're not looking is what got the district into this mess to begin with.

Same ol', same ol',from the same ol' people.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Terri Tucker one of Besendorfer's BFFs? As far back as Reeds Springs or more?

Hardly neutral and you're right, hardly indicates a change of direction, at least a positive change in direction. Google their names together and see what you find.

I'd say the greatest change we'll see will be more new faces in the classroom. How sad.

Anonymous said...

So sad. The Globe still isn't looking at everything going on! No investigative reporting here. Interesting that they are okay looking into Speck but not R8.
And how does the board expect to:"become the employer of choice through recruitment and retention"? Maybe through continuing to hire friends and reletives of the current administration and their minions--qualified or not. The description on the website says "Joplin Schools is a wonderful place to work! With a high employee retention rate, the district boasts competitive salaries, great benefits, and rewards that only educating children can bring." It seems that only the last part is true. Other districts pay more and have better insurance benefits. It still would be good to know exactly how many teachers left this year. Even some resignations are forced.
The board doesn't need to constantly deal "with individual parent concerns" or become "involved in the district’s day-to-day operations," but shouldn't they question what is happening? Soon we'll be back to realtors who tell people you don't want to live in the Joplin school district and our new schools, that really will be fabulous, will be empty. Paying for anything else will also be hard since people here remember when they have been wronged.

Anonymous said...

When I read the article in today's Globe, I thought there would be some kind of mention about the special meeting slated for today to talk about personnel, considering tha the entire district and much of the community is waiting for them to decide Mr. Turner's fate. Nothing. I wouldn't have known if I hadn't read it elsewhere. I would think with the teacher flight out of Joplin that retaining highly qualified personnel would be a major goal for the board. They bragged about what they had, but what about the future? And no state scores as a goal? Hmm. I might disagree with high stakes testing, but isn't that how districts are measured? And CJ's quote about getting creative in saving more graduates about did me in. It's already pretty creative from what I hear. Good grief. More graduates. Less knowledge. Is that what we can conclude?

Anonymous said...

Has there been something released about Mr. Turner's fate? I haven't seen anything. Like 7:57, I keep watching but don't find any information. Why won't someone tell us what is going on? Hello Globe! What about the sunshine law you are always holding onto? Doesn't it count for everything and everyone or just what you deem politically important?

Anonymous said...

Cronyism is the one thing that seems to flourish in R8. Ms Tucker does indeed have ties to Dr. Besendorfer. She has been used as a consultant by the district before, so we taxpayers have paid for a consultant who is a friend of the person we'd most like to see be replaced. And, why does a group of seven people need a facilitator? Can they not think for themselves? Could she have affected their decisions? It would seem best in the current circumstances to leave no room for doubt.