Friday, February 21, 2014

Woolston: I want to make the entire report public

During a news conference this morning, Councilman Mike Woolston said he had filed a Sunshine Law request for the complete ethics report compiled by Osage Beach attorney Tom Loraine.

If he gets it, Woolston said, "I intend to make the report public."

Woolston, a former Joplin mayor, said he feared "the credibility of the City Council has suffered. It is essential that the credibility of the City Council be restored." Woolston said his request also asks for transcribed copies of all witness interviews.

"I also have concerns related to the termination of our city manager. Ultimately, I hope the people will be told why Mr. (Mark) Rohr was terminated."

Woolston said he did not want Rohr's firing to be the focal point of the city for the next several months, at a time when recovery from the May 22, 2011, tornado is ongoing.

The original scope of the Loraine investigation was supposed to be concerns about the ethics of Woolston and fellow councilman Bill Scearce. The report suggested that Woolston should refrain from involvement in real estate concerns or resign from the council.

The investigation morphed into the dismissal of Rohr.

"I am not happy with the result or the quality of the investigation," Woolston said.


Anonymous said...

I bet he won't get it till they pay the bill. However why didn't he get a complete copy of the report. Really, and they run the government.

Anonymous said...

This just doesn't make sense. Why wouldn't the council members be given a copy since they are the ones who commissioned the investigation. Who decides if/when the entire report will be released under the sunshine law request...the City Clerk? She works directly for the council....the City Attorney..... He also is a council employee... It seems if the council really waned the entire report, they should be able to direct their own council employees to release it.

Anonymous said...

I think they should hire an investigator to investigate the first investigator and keep hiring them until they get the results they want..... or maybe just let the globe investigate because they seem sooo unbiased ...or rohr could just release his 10 pages ...