Sunday, February 23, 2014

On the road again- C. J. Huff to speak at National School PR luncheon in Baltimore

Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff will tell a group of his peers how to get what they want in their school districts when he speaks at a "superintendents-only" luncheon during the National School Public Relations Association Conference Monday, July 14, at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace in Baltimore, Md.

According to the advertising for the event, Huff is scheduled to speak at a "Special Superintendents' Luncheon," though there is no mention of what the difference is between a "special superintendent" and a regular one.

The Joplin superintendent will "share some of his advocacy experiences and ideas that superintendents may be able to adapt and adopt in their districts. Huff will lead a superintendent-only discussion on what advocacy tactics are working at the local level and what is still needed to build more support for local education programs and educators."

The cost to hear Huff and two other speakers is $249.

The seminar lasts from July 13-16 and those who sign up for the entire package will pay $715, if they pay in advance, $765 if they do not take advantage of the early bird special. If Huff is there for the entire seminar and takes along the district's public relations specialist, the cost is just $1,030 for the two of them. The district can send three for just $1,500 and will only have to pay $175 for each additional person above three.

And as we all have all learned in the six years since C. J. Huff became Joplin R-8 superintendent, you can never have enough PR.


Anonymous said...

Does he get paid extra to speak on city time?

Anonymous said...

Actually all those speaking fees should be paid to the School District. The same thing applies to any employees of any public entity. While they work for the District than any money they make in speaking or any other activity related to that entity belongs to the people.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:34 completely. If they expect to be paid than they should pay for their own expenses including travel, lodging and meals . Why should my tax money be used for a speaking engagement when we get nothing out of it except to maybe hear of Huff crying again.

Anonymous said...

8:34 and 8:52 sounds like socialism!

Why should the takers get what the makers earn through their hard work?

David said...

9:51 must be an Administration troll hired to scope out reports that differ from what the regime wants out there. Get a life. I just am not ok paying for a trip of which the money would be better suited for use in the district. And I will post my name while you continue to troll the internet.

Anonymous said...

Here's what is crazy, as a former employee, I requested several times to attend a professional development meeting that was geared for my classroom expertise. Each time I was told NO! It was hard for me to understand how we could have up to 12 subs in our building for teachers being gone on PD, but I was never allowed. Strange how all of that works.
Also still curious why Joplin Globe and TV stations have not done a little better job investigating. And why Jeff Flowers wife is still making $6000+ above her pay scale grade.
As well, does anyone know why Tina Smith abruptly left her post in Pittsburg Kansas?