Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kansas City submits bid for 2016 Republican National Convention

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

Every four years, there are three distinct moments that define a presidential election. In between a candidate’s announcement and Election Day in November, the world watches as a four-day celebration unfolds that highlights the strength, vision, and unity of the Republican Party.
2016 is quickly approaching. Kansas City is ready to welcome back the Republican National Convention.
We have a long political history that this generation of Kansas Citians wants to continue. From Convention Hall in ’28 to Kemper Arena in ’76, we’ve prided ourselves on being the best that America has to offer and the epitome of Midwestern hospitality. As Ronald Reagan remarked from the stage of Kemper: “These wonderful people here, when we came in, gave Nancy and myself a welcome.” When he returned eight years later for the 1984 Presidential Debate, President Reagan made a point of specifically thanking the people of Kansas City for “their warm hospitality and greeting.”
Today, that spirit of welcome and openness lives on among the citizens of Kansas City. It lives on in our political and civic leadership, who have tirelessly committed themselves to the selection process. It lives on in our City’s infrastructure, offering a comprehensive plan for transportation, hotels, and security. And, it lives on in our vision for the 2016 Republican National Convention. Simply put, to make it the best ever.
On behalf of the region’s 2.3 million citizens, we look forward to hosting the Convention in 2016.

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