Saturday, February 22, 2014

Audio- Costa Bajjali tells how Crossland Construction brought Wallace-Bajjali to Joplin

Before and after the Wallace-Bajjali firm became the master developer for the tornado-stricken area of Joplin, we have heard from company partner David Wallace. In this audio, recorded one year after the tornado, Wallace's partner Costa Bajjali tells how the firm came into Joplin almost from the moment the tornado hit.


Anonymous said...

No one should forget that disasters are big business. Now we're at the top of the disaster profit pyramid. The winds hadn't died down before profiteers of every kind were racing here or trying to use their presence here to stuff their hands-- and, when needed, their front man's hands--in the disaster billions cookie jar. Joplin, you'll soon have nothing but the empty carcasses of buildings and projects that were shoved down your throat and never needed, but made someone else a lot of money. And there were and are plenty of local sycophants willing to go along for their share of the crumbs, and who'll do whatever it takes to keep in power those who won't rock the money boat. Thank goodness for the few we have who are questioning and challenging what's happening.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, whoever you are, I completely agree.

Anonymous said...

The citizens and taxpayers of Joplin will be left to pay the bills. Waste now means want in the future.

Joplin will probably be left with less than zero in the end.

Anonymous said...

now that rohr is gone the house of cards is wobbling.

The $80k cost for the investigator will sound cheap when we start paying for the Wallace bajalli twerking of joplin.

I wonder if the globe would worry about the cost of the investigation if the investigator would have found problems with scearce and exonerated globe homies rohr and woolston.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't hire Crossland to build a dog house. After all the mistakes they made building the Jasper County Jail twenty years ago, it has cost the tax payers enough money to build another jail.