Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Billy Long demands full accounting from FBI on search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago home


Seventh District Congressman Billy Long issued the following statement on the execution of a search warrant at former president Donald Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago.

Yesterday, the FBI took the unprecedented step of raiding the home of a former President of the United States. Given their history of falsifying FISA warrants against Trump officials, this raid is especially concerning. 

Using the FBI to unjustly go after your political opponents is totally unAmerican. This action was not taken against Hillary Clinton for deleting 33,000 emails from her private server, nor was it taken in a host of other investigations against Democrats, including Hunter Biden. 

I am asking the Department of Justice and the FBI to give a full account as to exactly what the required threat to national security was and if there wasn’t one why this search warrant was necessary.


Anonymous said...

Billy, just a reminder, the current head of the FBI is a Trump appointee. Hey, just be thankful they didn't search your home looking for skeletons.

Anonymous said...

Trump has the warrant and a log of what was confiscated and the right to publish it. The FBI does not. This is another dishonest performance from Billy Wide.

Anonymous said...

“You see the mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

“Fifth Amendment. Fifth Amendment. Fifth Amendment. Horrible.”

- Donald J. Trump


Anonymous said...

Trump doesn't work for us anymore, but the FBI does. It's their responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Billy, just as a reminder, the current Director of the FBI, is a Trump appointee.

Anonymous said...

@9:57 That's not true, the FBI has never shown a warrant to the public, Trump has a copy of it, if he's so innocent, it's up to him to show it to us. Please learn a couple things about the law.

Randy, why even let this question get posted if we all know it's in bad faith?

Anonymous said...

Trump has the warrant and a log of what was confiscated and the right to publish it.

The warrant is sealed, assuming Trump's people ever got a copy of it, the FBI didn't want to even let them read it. They're moving to get it unsealed, until then whatever they know of it can't be published.

The "log of what was confiscated" is at the moment a talking point I've seen pushed by Andrew Weissmann, the very most corrupt and vicious Federal prosecutor in recent American history. There's absolutely no way the FBI has had time to index all of it. If as so many on the Left are claiming it includes classified documents, the very names of some of them may be classified. Well, I guess you're used to having it both ways.

But many of us can be happy that Trump has experienced what he wants for the little people, seize first, "go through due process second."

Randy said...

To Anonymous 5:06- A copy of the warrant was provided, most likely to the lawyer who was there at Mar-a-Lago. It is sealed as far as the public is concerned, but Trump has the right to make it public. Trump's lawyer also had to be provided with an inventory of the items that were removed during the execution of the search warrant. Trump also has the ability to make that public. Eventually, the warrant, the probable cause affidavit and the inventory will all be made public. At that time, a lot of people who have been whining about how Trump has been mistreated, including Billy Long, are going to look foolish.

Anonymous said...

So for future record Randy, let's be clear. You are OK with the Justice dept targeting a former president? This area might be revisited at some point. If this is about documents from the national archives, why haven't they raided Obama residence? He has around 30 million or so that he won't give up.
It's about finding any reason to tie him up so he can't run again in 2024. They are scared.
And @7:6AM if the FBI raided my house, I would just write fifth on my middle finger and show that to them. Let the lawyers handle it.

Anonymous said...

We are certainly no fans of Donald Trump – let’s make that clear from the outset. But yesterday’s raid by the FBI on the home of a former president sets a dangerous precedent.

A precedent which now means that anyone who evades taxes, attempts to undermine an election, sexually assaults women, manipulates the value of their assets, uses state resources to enrich themselves or aids and abets the overthrow of a democratically elected government will be subject to investigation.

Is that the world we want to live in? Where anyone accused of insurrection can be subject to questioning from law enforcement officers?

It’s a slippery slope. Before we know it, regular citizens accused of defrauding the government, concealing evidence, manipulating financial documents, tampering with witnesses or perverting the course of justice will also be held to account.

Or to put it another way, if we simply shrug our shoulders and fail to question the actions of the FBI, soon any old Joe Citizen who is suspected of ripping classified government documents into small pieces and flushing them down the toilet will be obliged to answer to law enforcement, as well as their plumber.

If we don’t ask the hard questions about the potential motives of the FBI now, soon any one of us who buries our ex-wife in a small grave at the side of their golf course in order to gain a tax concession will be treated with suspicion.
As Trump supporters put it so clearly yesterday, if this can happen to a President, it could happen to anyone who has committed insurrection, assault or fraud. That’s a chilling thought.

We are on new ground here. As Donald Trump himself made clear, this is the first time a former president’s home has been raided. Proof, if ever we needed it, that the FBI shamefully only targets people who it considers to have committed a crime. Who gave FBI director Chris Wray that authority?

As we made clear earlier, we’re certainly not Trump supporters. But in today’s partisan world, it would be easy to fall into the trap of cheering on the FBI’s actions, without taking a step back to look at the bigger picture. If Trump goes to jail, it opens the door for every lying, corrupt, perverted piece of shit to go to jail too. Is that what we want?


Anonymous said...

Now do Hunter and Joe

Anonymous said...

Is selling classified nuclear secrets to enemies of America illegal now too? Cancel culture strikes again!

Anonymous said...

This desperate angle is laughable. Trump is an actual Billionaire. With a B. He doesn't need any money.
Now let's talk about the Biden crime syndicate and China, or Ukraine. How about the Clinton foundation? Maybe Pelosi insider trading?
TDS is truly a mental illness.

Anonymous said...

It seems obvious to most that the desperate talk is coming from the Mango Moron and his nail gun nazis.

Anonymous said...

It's finally Friday!

Heading out to drink some beer and do some boot scootin.

Hear there's a new band, Bootlick Billy and His Bozo Band.

Where are they at?

Anonymous said...

LMAO at "Trump is an actual billionaire" No he's not. It may be his networth, but that assclown absolutely does not have a billion lying around anywhere.

Anonymous said...

@12:14 You do realize the National Archives(which owns both Trumps and Obamas docs) authorized the removal for Obama. In fact they asked Trump to talk about it and he refused.

You're peddling a false equivalency, the only people who will buy into it are other fools like you.

Anonymous said...

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has issued a statement today which debunks the bull dung being spread by tRUMPers about the former guy's presidential records.

Simply put, they do not belong to tRUMP.

Anonymous said...

That's completely moronic. If you need some money, do you go to the ATM or do you rob the bank? Assets can be used for lots of things, like collateral for loans for instance. TDS=mental illness. Rich orange man not really rich hurrr.
Start asking how our public servants became multi millionaires on 174 k a year instead of letting them tell you that Trump sold stuff because he needed pocket change.

Anonymous said...

Rich men and women don't steal or fraud or go to prison?

Ask Martha Stewart, Leona Helmsley, Michael Milken or some of the Enron and Madoff convicts.

Your defense of the orange fool you probably voted for is laughable.

Anonymous said...

I'll take it back when he's either convicted or when everyone who foamed at the mouth over Russia collusion for 4 years admits they were played.
He's the most scrutinized person in the country, there is no upside for him at all.

Anonymous said...

there is no upside for him at all.

You love to see it.

He's spent decades getting here.

He is bad news.
He’s going to go through some things.

Like a criminal indictment.

I pick his son-in-law Jared and his daughter Ivanka to tell the truth (and in doing so throw Trump under his own bus) to save their skins.

Half his former cabinet probably already have been singing to the grand jury.

18 USC 793

18 USC 2071

18 USC 1519

One or more is a felony bingo with the loser earning a trip to Club Fed or worse.

Also none of the 3 require the materials to be classified for the charge to be made and a conviction awarded to the unlucky loser. Also the former guy's clearance to handle this ended on January 20, 2021 at noon.

Did Christina Bobb cop to sorting some of these Mar-A-LAgo'd documents today?

Without clearance that could be a losing hand for more than her!
She can proceed directly to felony bingo with the same three federal statutes listed above.

There's no shortage of room under the bus for lots more of Trumps fools!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, he probably will be indicted. It's been said that you can indict a ham sandwich. They can't have him running for president again. He ruins everything. I don't know why they are worried though, I mean their guy got the most votes in history right?
It's really funny to see how many people got their constitutional law degrees from MSNBC this past week.

Anonymous said...

This is way worse than even the most devoted Trump despiser could possibly have imagined.

Anonymous said...

The lackluster belief of having the supposed 30 million documents inside someone’s home is truth enough that you believe too deeply in said far right agendas. Take for a moment that roughly a box of documents that is subsequently placed into the archives holds roughly 2500 papers. Would you possibly believe that anyone in their right mind actually have 6,000 boxes stored within their residence? And to what decorum would it possibly serve? Just like the belief in the thousands of irs agents coming, or the false data of the election. Try listening to reason and rational thinking instead of the aggrandising lies of a deplorable network that pushes the boundaries of false narratives and lies on a daily basis. This is why there are uprisings and threats to federal agencies just trying to do their job that if memory serves, republicans want so hard right? To be just and swift, and to be on top of without forethought above all else. So before you try to add false data in which is beyond sad to even speak on, think for a second that maybe just maybe “I should read more into the subject before speaking.”