Saturday, August 06, 2022

Child molesting former Tilt Studios employee sentenced to 15 years, may be out in four months

A former Tilt Studios employee was sentenced to 15 years in prison for child molestation during a hearing Thursday in Jasper County Circuit Court.

Judge Gayle Crane ordered Robert L. Buggey, 38, be placed in the Sex Offender Assessment Program. Crane will review Buggey's record in 120 days and determine whether he should be placed on probation or serve the remainder of his sentence.

According to the probable cause statement, the crimes allegedly took place in 2021 with a girl who was under age 12, at a friend's home during June and July and involved Buggey showing the child pornography on his phone and then convincing her to do the same sexual acts that were in the video.

The child said the crimes took place when her mother went to the store and happened multiple tims.

Jasper County Sheriff's Office investigators arrested Buggey after he confirmed he had been at the residence with the child and her mother.


Anonymous said...

My second cousin got 10 years in Missouri for a comparable crime and ended up serving seven years plus. Why should Mr. Buggey be out in only 4 months?

Anonymous said...

180 months suddenly becomes 4 months?!

Will he find his chimo jeebus in one of those fake religion prison programs to get out early?

Who makes this up?

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Gayle. Always protecting the citizens of Joplin with your plea agreements and judicial spin on criminals. When are you up for re-election?

Anonymous said...

Should do time longer sentence than 120 fays

Anonymous said...

Watch this case, keep any eye of what Judge Gayle Crane is doing, if she slaps wrist throw her out of office, because she is endorsing molestation. Do your damn jobs judges, let’s fill these prisons, if they get full let’s build more, our troops sleep in tents so can these thugs

Anonymous said...

All pedophiles should be locked up for life. There is no rehabilitation for them. They have a perverted mind. Disgusting.
This is not something that can be "cured" and definitely not in 120 day shock.

Anonymous said...

He needs to be in jail for his own safety. If he molested my kid or a any persons child that I know of he would want to be in prison for his own protection.