Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Jill Carter wins 32nd District Senate seat

 The commercials are over.

For those of you who are tired of hearing that Bill White is a RINO (he isn't) and that Jill Carter is a lobbyist, election day brings welcome relief from the commercials that have bombarded our airwaves and the fliers that have filled our mailboxes to overflowing the past couple of weeks.

Carter, in her first try at elected office after a decade as a citizen activist that began with her opposition to Common Core in Missouri schools, defeated White receiving 13,437 votes or 52.3 percent to 12,278 votes, 47.7 percent for White.

What made Carter's campaign successful?

Why did more than 52 percent of the voters reject White?

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Anonymous said...

Is Billy Long a winner tonight?

Almost 5% of the vote!

Anonymous said...

Bill voted like a democrat.

Anonymous said...

Missouri has taken a hard-turn the the right and Bill White liked to think. So he was an incumbent when most people around here are scared, while Jill Carter was a fresh face holding the average opinion around here. Jill Carter was just the candidate that they are.

Same reason Eric Burlison beat Jay Wasson as the establishment Republican.

Same reason Eric Greitens had a chance with the Trump voters who did not trust the Establishment Republicans and neither Hartzler or Billy Long had a real chance.

People are scared, they do not trust the media and as long as you are not too "out there" like Eric Greitens or Mike Moon or the incumbent with baggage you will win the primary.

Jill Carter was a fresh new face, she had all the same prejudices as the majority of the voters and so she won the primary over a suspect incumbent.

Anonymous said...

What beat Uncle Bill was all his negative campaign ads bashing Jill Carter. She comes across as likeable, friendly, and concerned. He came across as a woman bashing scared politician afraid for his job

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but as leftist Democrat you don't get to define for us rightist Republicans who's a Republican In Name Only (RINO). Note also primary elections like this one in the dog days of summer get serious consideration from the registered voters who pay attention to politics.

In the Missouri context Bill White most certainly is a RINO, as Jill Carter showed us with a simple chart! White has been at best indifferent towards gun owners and in this election showed clear signs of being anti-gun like refusing to fill out the Missouri Firearms Coalition survey. We know from long and hard experience what that means. If memory serves, with the exception of the Second Amendment Protection Act (SAPA) law, the Republican supermajority in the state house has done nothing for us for years while many other Red states are advancing the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA).

And that supermajority? Not a conservative one, this last session was consumed with infighting in which White was very much on the wrong side. Which is particularly significant due to his position in the Senate leadership which we could be concerned would continue.

White's district changed which meant for many people he wasn't functionally an incumbent. Clearly the massive if not unprecedented for this area negative campaigning against Carter failed at best. I suspect it both brought her to the attention of many voters, "All publicity is good publicity", and prompted many to wonder what in tarnation was up. Was she really as bad as portrayed? Clearly not for the majority of voters in a primary election. Such a campaign against her might work better in a general November election with national level races but there's plenty of counterexamples.

Those of us who paid attention noticed long before the election season, heck, in your reposting of White's press releases, that he was a swamp dweller who had way too much special interest in helping his wife's domain of medicine compared to everything else. Even if we agreed with what he was pushing, what he was not doing, against as a member of the Senate leadership, was revealing.

All in all I find it very interesting how well the state and more local to us races went, Missouri voters who vote in these elections are making consistent choices and the state will remain Red for the foreseeable future, and very Red locally.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@7:18 AM

This has to be one of the most insightful and cutting comments I've ever read here. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are still proud of being "Red" when Republicans such as Johnson take your Social Security and Medicare away. I can hardly wait.

Anonymous said...

@7:57 PM Thanks! The R-VIII school district as I will always think of "Joplin Schools" was very strong in "language arts" when I attended and they taught me well.

Anonymous said...

Between extremists on the right like this candidate and the wackos on the far left, they're doing a good job of destroying this country.

Anonymous said...

Fear monger much?