Sunday, November 27, 2005

Columnist: Blunt education plan purely political

Springfield News-Leader Editorial Page Editor Robert Leger labels Governor Matt Blunt's 65 percent education proposal as purely political in a column in today's newspaper.
Leger points out, quite accurately, that this could be done by the state legislature rather than by voters in November and this appears to be a transparent effort to not only boost Senator Jim Talent's re-election bid, but also to repair the governor's tattered image.

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Static Brain said...

No wonder the governor's image is tattered. He has done the unthinkable ever since he took office. I personally know a woman who had her health care taken away. She is disabled and dying of a lung disease that she was born with. The governor signed into law reforms on medicaid that took away her CPAP device. This is a device she needs to breathe while she sleeps. He also took away tube feeding equipment and catheters for the poor, along with wheelchairs and canes and crutches. His image is destroyed because of how he treats people. If you would like to learn more about this please contact me at with governor blunt as the subject line.