Monday, May 30, 2005

I have never been able to understand why (although money may have a lot to do with it) KSNF and KODE have not been able to come up with superior female hosts for their morning shows.
Obviously, at one time they had them and they served as a training ground for Tiffany Alaniz at KSNF and Malorie Maddox at KODE. But the no-nonsense professional attitude that KOAM has with its morning show is a breath of fresh air. Yes, the news is important to people in the morning and I don't want to hear it over several hundred screaming kids at some artificial Friday high school pep rally (even though somehow Ms. Alaniz and Gary Bandy were able to make that work).
I like the work that Sarah Pierik and Dave Pylant do on KOAM and Ms. Pierik replaced another solid news reporter in Lori Prichard at that post.
Ms. Prichard, like former KSN morning host Sheradee Hurst (another one who did a good job in a tough position, though she never seemed quite as comfortable in those pep rallies) is a reporter for KJRH, Channel 2, in Tulsa, Okla., where she has been since January 2004. She serves as the weekend morning news anchor and a general assignment reporter.
Ms. Prichard originally comes from Joplin and is working on her masters degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Her work at KOAM landed her the position at KJRH. She received an award from the Missouri Broadcasters Association for investigative reporting in 2003. In her bio at the KJRH web site, she calls herself a political junkie and says she reads almost anything she can get her hands on.
We could use more people like that in both broadcasting and print journalism.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious what you think about the new Tiffany and Gary show that has been on KSN now for a couple of weeks? They have turned the 5 pm news into one big commercial. Ms. Alaniz is attempting to grab male viewers while turning off the female population in her scantily clad outfits. While Mr. Bandy made a disgusting display of himself by rubbing self tanning lotion on his legs. Give me a break KSN. If I wanted to watch infomercials I'd tune in to your station in the morning and now afternoon since you have pushed your daytime soaps back by an hour to show one. Let's have some dignity people. Put on some clothes Ms. Alaniz and Mr. Bandy. Bring us real news not some lame excuse to sell advertising to those who supply your Cinco De Mayo attire or your ballgowns.

cameracowboy said...
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Anonymous said...

I miss Stacey King!!! It's safe to say Stacey set the standard for the female spot on Hometown Today. Seems like it started going downhill after... Goes to show the talent moves up in the world.

As for G&T on the 5.. it does seem a lot like a morning show now.. and like you said.. even more commercialized. I bet the bump in the ratings race was in the wrong direction for KSN. Then again Darlee and Stacey Stidham really set a good tone for the 5 show back in the good ole days! Too bad it has turned into a big commercial. Eh well.. I watch KY3 for the most part.. it's good to live in between! ;)

Randy said...

I haven't said anything about Gary and Tiffany's show because I haven't been able to get myself to watch much of it. I hated that kind of nonsense on the morning shows and I don't care whether it brings in the ratings or not, from what little I have seen, it appears to be an insult to the viewers' intelligence. Put some money into the news operation and do some stories we care about and we'll watch your program. It works for KOAM and it has always worked for KYTV in Springfield. I loved to watch that station when I was growing up in Newtonia.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Pierik is absolutely incredible on her morning KOAM show; she is the epitomy of excellence! I love her awesome smile, but at the same time she knows how to report seriously when the need arises. Her interactions with Dave are witty and her timing is superb!

sam said...

Remember Bob Phillips? Compare then and now.KSNF and KODE are a joke. The only time I watch them is by accident when im looking for 7.