Tuesday, May 24, 2005

No big surprise here.
Perennial candidate and perennial loser Martin Lindstedt claims the statutory sodomy charges filed against him in Newton County Circuit Court are bogus and says that he is being railroaded.
In a motion filed in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri today in an effort to get his lawsuit against Governor Matt Blunt reinstated, Lindstedt said his filing was handwritten because he was not given access to computers.
Lindstedt, a Granby resident, told the judge the story of how he came to be in captivity. "Plaintiff, since April 9, 2004, has had his four grandchildren taken from his long-time domestic partner's daughter. They lived across the street at 337 Rabbit Track Road. They were stolen by the Newton County Children's Division. After three months in captivity, a DFS therapist trained (my) small six-year-old grandson to claim (I) kissed him inappropriately."
Lindstedt said he and his partner have the case before the Missouri Court of Appeals in an effort to get their grandchildren back. "However, a Newton County deputy, on the basis of what this therapist told him (my) grandson said has had (me) arrested and is trying to railroad (me) for child molestation."
In the part of the document in which Lindstedt actually addressed his lawsuit against Blunt, Lindstedt makes no effort to curry the judge's favor in an effort to get him to reconsider his decision to dismiss the lawsuit.
"This court is biased in favor of defendant Blunt and it shows in every aspect of this case," Lindstedt said. He added that the judge had not addressed his complaint that Blunt had misused his position as secretary of state when he would not allow Lindstedt to be listed on the ballot with the nickname "Mad Dog" for the Republican gubernatorial primary in 2004. Plus, Lindstedt said, the judge never addressed Blunt's refusal to provide a link to Lindstedt's web site, something which was done for other candidates. Blunt's lawyers noted that Lindstedt's website was filled with hateful, racist messages.
"This court, in its absolute drive to let Defendant Blunt off the hook, has gone to elaborate rationalizations to get around the plain language of the Federal rules and case law.
Lindstedt attacked the judge's logic when the judge made the decision to remove Blunt as the defendant and replace him with Robin Carnahan since Blunt was no longer secretary of state. Carnahan, Lindstedt said, "cannot be lawfully a defendant as she has not abused her office against (my) civil and electoral interests and rights."
"This sock puppet charade is revealed for all to see," Lindstedt said. The Newton County Jail's best-known resident then continued to endear himself to the judge. "This court acts like the prostitute who discovers that men will pay for sex- that it has other purposes than procreation." He added that the judge is "making up the law as he goes along."
Continuing his apparent obsession with sexually-based remarks, Lindstedt said, "Yet Judge (Richard) Dorr acts like a squeamish virgin in his order of May 10 (which dismissed the case) whining that Plaintiff's sole basis for filing his original complaint so that on Day 21 after his April 19 order was to play politics and 'humiliate and embarrass Defendant Blunt.' Judge Dorr thinks he is the Republican Party's nanny, that he must protect his herd of Republican politicians."
As usual, Lindstedt's rant goes on for several pages, covering the same ground over and over. Las Vegas is not taking odds on Lindstedt's chances of getting his lawsuit reinstated.

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