Saturday, May 21, 2005

State Senator Gary Nodler's campaign machinery is in full swing, according to reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.
The Joplin Republican received $6,000 in contributions during the first quarter of 2005, according to the report. That figure included $5,700 in cash and $300 described as an "in-kind" contribution from the Kansas City Chiefs.
Much of Nodler's money is being funneled into southwest Missouri from out of state, the report indicates. Among his out-of-state contributors were: 7-Eleven, Dallas, Texas, $500; General Mills, Minneapolis, Minn., $600; United Parcel Service, Atlanta, Ga., $600; Edison Schools, New York, N. Y,., $150; Eli Lilly and Company, Springfield, Ill., $500; Boeing Company, Seattle, Wash., $600; and Mainstream America PAC, $350. The Mainstream America PAC's address is listed as Jefferson City on the report, but its national headquarters is in Baton Rouge, La.
Nodler also received $300 from Jasper County Collector Stephen Holt, $400 from the Missouri Dental Hygienist PAC, $200 from the University of Missouri PAC, $100 from the Missouri Osteopathic PAC, $300 from Community Support Services, Joplin; and $600 from the St. John's Family PAC.
Nodler also spent some money during the first quarter, according to the report. His expenditures included $250 for tickets to the Lifechoices Banquet, $118 for Joplin Rotary Club dues, $250 for MSSU Lionbacker dues, and $500 to the Missouri Southern Foundation.

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