Monday, May 16, 2005

It appears state officials have some problems with the Hohulins' initial choice for a location for the license fee office in Lamar.
A reader tells me that "For Rent" signs have appeared in the windows at the 913 Gulf location in which the license fee office was scheduled to operate. The site, which offers very little in the way of parking for customers, had been criticized by Lamar residents.

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Anonymous said...

Just received word that Hohulin may NOT have the license office, but don't know if that is his choice or someone elses. We also heard that he still has it but will have to find another location. We understand that Bob Medlin will continue to operate until a decision is made but will have to do so without the help of his office manager, Carol Davis, who has accepted employment elsewhere. (Carol was one of several qualified applicants that weren't considered for the appointment.) Check it out.