Sunday, May 22, 2005

The growing political power of Seventh District Congressman Roy Blunt is explored in a profile in today's Washington Post.
The article begins, "House majority whip Roy Blunt, the man one step behind Tom DeLay in the Republican leadership, has built a political machine of his own that extends from Missouri deep into Washington's K Street lobbying community."
The article explores Blunts influence in Washington and in Missouri and describes the methods used by Blunt and the man whose ethical problems may soon promote Blunt to the Majority Leader position, Tom DeLay of Texas.
"Blunt and DeLay are fund-raising powerhouses," the article says. "Their political organizations use multiple fund-raising committees, have rewarded family members, and have provided an avenue to riches for former aides now in the private sector."
Just how Blunt's machine works in Missouri is explored in the article. "In Missouri, the Blunt organization is a family affair. His son Matt, 34, is governor, and his son Andrew, 29, is a top state government lobbyist whose client list is studded with major donors to his father."
The article says Blunt has become a legislative powerhouse through mobilizing an army of lobbyists on key issues and having them work on his fellow House members.

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