Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Wednesday Lamar Democrat reported the story on the sudden change of plans that left the operation of the Lamar license fee office, for the time being, under the direction of Bob Medlin.
While the Democrat apparently talked to Medlin for the story, there is no indication that any effort was made to contact Marilyn Hohulin, who was scheduled to begin operating the office before plans changed, her husband, Bubs, who was originally announced as the fee agent, or the Missouri Department of Revenue.
This is the kind of story that cries out for the "why" question to be answered. Answering it though, first requires that it be asked.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely, positively, correct and Amen. I don't understand why the local paper refuses to actually cover the news in the area. They don't have to be negetive in the story, just investigate the facts and get the whole story. I might even start subscribing again if there was anything in it worth reading.