Thursday, May 26, 2005

Though Governor Blunt will be in Joplin today to promote the passage of a budget that includes revamped funding for education, all but two of the school districts that brought a lawsuit against the state seeking equitable funding are continuing to pursue that action, according to an article in today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
In what appears to be bad news for our local legislators who have been trumpeting the passage of the educational package, the Post-Dispatch article says that administrators from 97 out of 105 of the 257 school districts that brought the lawsuit say the new legislation, which will be officially signed into law by Blunt on Friday, say it doesn't meet the needs of their students. The newspaper was citing a survey done by the Committee for Educational Equality.
The biggest problem most school administrators are citing is that the state came up with a funding plan, but has not come up with a source for that funding, according to the article.
Most of the school districts in this area are involved in the lawsuit.

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