Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Change of judge granted in Isle of Capri case

A change of judge has been granted for Sen. Jeff Smith, D-St. Louis, Rep. Joseph Aull, D-Independence, and lobbyist Lynne Schlosser in the Isle of Capri case. The decision was handed down Tuesday in Cooper County Circuit Court.
The next hearing in the case is scheduled for Feb. 28, according to court records.
The three are charged in connection with Smith's use of Aull's identification, at Ms. Schlosser's suggestion, to gamble during a junket paid for by the Isle of Capri. Ms. Schlosser was acting as a lobbyist for the casino at that time, but was fired shortly after the July 31 incident.

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Anonymous said...

Please keep reporting on one else is. Not really a big deal to break the law...if you're a senator.