Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Negotiations break down, Ohio attorney general vows to stay

Only a few hours after it appeared his resignation was imminent, Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann has vowed to stay on the job.

Dann is still enmeshed in the scandal that last week claimed the position of several staff members, including chief of staff (and former Joplin Globe editor) Edgar Simpson, who resigned rather than be fired:

The day started with scandal-plagued Attorney General Marc Dann offering to succumb to demands he resign, but only under certain conditions.

Rebuffed, Dann retreated, dug in his heels and by day’s end pledged to keep his post.
“The Attorney General has decided to continue doing his job,” said the one-line statement issued Tuesday by Dann’s spokesman Jason Stanford.

Dann, a Democrat, admitted May 2 to an extramarital affair with an employee that he said contributed to an atmosphere leading to sexual harassment claims against a top aide.

Three aides were forced out in the harassment investigation that showed management encouraged a casual work environment with frequent profanity and inappropriate interactions with subordinates.

Impeachment proceedings against Dann began yesterday in the Ohio legislature.

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