Monday, May 19, 2008

My vanishing old neighborhood

Though my parents' house can and will be salvaged, and their garage rebuilt, the old Newtonia neighborhood, which suffered tremendous damage from last week's tornado, will never be the same.

Though the people who lived in the houses surrounding my parents house, Doc and Bernice Hailey, Jim and Grace Harris, Russell and Flora Patterson, and Malda Lacy have long since left Newtonia (and of that group only Grace Harris is still living), their houses had stood as reminders of their presence until the tornado.
Now it is highly doubtful that their homes will remain standing (and for the most part the Pattersons' house and the Lacy home are gone).

The rest of the community is in much the same shape, though I am sure Newtonia will bounce back.

(Malda Lacy's former house and the former home of Russell and Flora Patterson)

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