Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Class action lawsuit filed against Rita Hunter

Details on a class action lawsuit being filed against Jasper County Public Administrator Rita Hunter will be presented during a 3 p.m. Wednesday news conference on the east side steps of the Jasper County Courthouse in Carthage.

According to a news release, Springfield attorney R. Lynn Myers is filing the suit against Mrs. Hunter and Charlene Kelly "in their professional and individual capacities for breach of fiduciary duty as Conservator of the Jasper County wards served by that office. Specific allegations will be discussed at the press conference."


Anonymous said...

I saw in the Mornin' Mail where the Hunters have hired an attorney to file a lawsuit against the Joplin Globe. How ignorant. Just one more clue (along with Steve Hunter's new hair color) that the Hunters are not in touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, this class action lawsuit will be a clear message to Ms. Hunter that enough is quite enough!

Anonymous said...

Chin up Rita! The malcontents behind these shenanigans will get there's someday.