Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Voucher supporters pour late money into Democrats' campaigns

The most powerful nationwide supporter of educational vouchers, All Children Matter, reported spending $33,682.42 Monday for advertising supporting Rep. Rodney Hubbard, D-St. Louis, in his State Senate race. This is not a direct contribution to Hubbard, but the group is paying for advertising to support the candidate.

Missouri Ethics Commission documents also indicate All Children Matter paid smaller amounts Monday for other races, including:

Rep. Curt Dougherty, D-Independence, $$2,835
Rep. Talibdin El-Amin, D-St. Louis, $2,466.36
Rep. Ted Hoskins, D-St. Louis, $2,752.47
63rd District State Representative candidate Tishaura Jones, D- St. Louis

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Anonymous said...

Well, good for them! We need to get some more people elected that are willing to fight the norm and try something new to fix our failing education system!