Saturday, July 26, 2008

Post-Dispatch to endorse Zweifel

In an editorial in its Sunday edition, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch will endorse Clint Zweifel for the Democratic nomination for state treasurer, according to a news release from the Zweifel campaign. From a Zweifel campaign news release:

"I am honored that the Post-Dispatch endorsed my campaign to return fiscal responsibility to state government and to help Missouri families facing rising college tuition costs and increasing mortgage rates," Zweifel said.

"Missouri needs a state treasurer who is not afraid to speak out on the effect of government decisions on the state's budget and our citizen's pocketbooks," Zweifel said. "As state treasurer, I will continue to fight for the economic health of Missouri."

The Post-Dispatch's editors said this about Zweifel:

"He promises to fight to make state college tuition more affordable, encourage job growth and reduce real estate taxes..."

"Clint Zweifel's youth, enthusiasm and commitment give him the edge."

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