Thursday, July 31, 2008

Steelman sends out last call for contributions

Looking to make last-minute television buys, State Treasurer Sarah Steelman made a last e-mail pitch for campaign contributions this morning:

I can’t believe there are only four days left. When I announced my candidacy for Governor in January, I knew there would be months of hard work ahead. Now, it all boils down to just four days.

In the next four days our campaign needs to reach hundreds of thousands of Republican voters. Voters in Kansas City,Columbia and St. Louis are still deciding who is the best candidate to beat Jay Nixon in November. Voters in Springfield,St. Joseph and Hannibal are deciding whose vision for Missouri they can support. Voters in Cape Girardeau,Joplin and Jefferson City are deciding which candidate best represents their views. All of these voters, and all of these questions, are important.

To reach them all we will need to be on radio and television as much as possible. We have already made substantial buys, and we would like to make more. Whether it is radio in Jefferson City or television in Springfield, each dollar we spend will sway more voters.

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