Thursday, July 31, 2008

Outstate newspapers endorse Harris for attorney general

With endorsements from two more newspapers, the Monroe County Appeal and the Webster County Citizen, Democratic attorney general candidate Jeff Harris notes in a news release issued this afternoon that he is the only one of the three major candidates to receive support from outside St. Louis. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch endorsed St. Louis representative Margaret Donnelly.

According to the Harris news release:

The Monroe County Appeal hailed Harris' leadership and likened him to the legendary Democratic figure U.S. Representative Jerry Litton:

"He has been active as Minority leader in increasing Democratic House seats and in opposition to health care cuts by the present administration. He also focuses on education and Sunshine Law issues. If there ever was a Democrat to keep an eye on for future potential, kind of a young Jerry Litton, it is Jeff Harris."

The Webster County Citizen praises Harris, saying, "It's hard not to like him":

"[I] f there's a living example of a 'Mr. Smith' in Missouri's legislature, it's Harris, who, despite his boyish looks, has championed a variety of quality causes during his current tenure as a state representative. ... Koster speaks of what he'll do if elected. Harris speaks of what he's done."

Last week, Harris won the endorsement of the Kansas City Star, and he had previously received the endorsement from his hometown newspaper, the Columbia Daily Tribune.

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