Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Donnelly ad targets Koster

An ad launched today by Democratic attorney general candidate Margaret Donnelly attacks opponent Chris Koster for money laundering, possible illegal fund raising activities and for helping Gov. Matt Blunt to cut healthcare to Missourians:

In addition to that ad, Ms. Donnelly has posted another ad which tells where she stands on issues and touts praise that was given to her by current Attorney General Jay Nixon:

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Anonymous said...

What a cheap shot by Donnelly. The Bob Holder-led Medicaid system was broken and bankrupting the state – and failing to help the Missourians who needed medical help the most. Contrary to Donnelly’s characterization that Blunt “cut health care” to Missourians, he actually saved Medicaid by eliminating waste and fraud, and ended the abuse of the system by the providers and ineligible recipients that were costing our state millions of dollars. Next time Donnelly wants to place blame on the state of health care in our state, she should take a hard look at her friend Bob Holder.