Monday, June 28, 2010

BIlly Long: Supreme Court handgun decision a good one

Today's Supreme Court decision which says Americans have the constitutional right to have a handgun in their homes has an enthusiastic backer in Seventh District Congressional candidate Billy Long.

Long told The Turner Report, "I'm glad the Supreme Court has decided in favor of the Second Amendment. It is important to work hard for the Second Amendment and work hard to get judges who will support it."

Noting that the vote was 5-4, Long said, "That is why we need to get the White House back, so we can put more conservatives on the bench."


Anonymous said...

Great! Now we have found a way to reduce our over population problem. We will now have the crazies, druggies, and those that can't control their temper shooting each other.

Anonymous said...

Gary Nodler actually took action on this issue joining legislators throughout the country to support the lawsuit.

Senator Nodler signed on to the amicus curiae, (friend of the court) brief filed in McDonald v. Chicago as a supporter of gun rights in all levels of government.

The case addressed the City of Chicago's gun laws, which are some of the most restrictive in the country. The city was sued on the grounds that these local regulations violate the Second Amendment. Senator Nodler said this verdict by the court overturning Chicago's ban on handguns upholds gun rights throughout the country.

"I am pleased that the court ruled in favor of Second Amendment rights, solidifying that no state or municipality can take away a citizen's right to bear arms," said Sen. Nodler. "This is a fundamental right that should not be infringed upon by any governing body."

Anonymous said...

Conservatives are supposed to be die hard advocates for local control.

Well, except when they don't like the outcomes at the local levels.

After all, I'm sure Long knows much better than Chicago residents whether it's best for such individuals and their communities if everyone could own firearms.