Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Defense psychologist- Newman is not a pedophile, he's just gay

A psychologist called by the defense this morning testified that Pete Newman was not a pedophile, but was a victim of "repressed homosexual urges."

The psychologist added that those urges manifested themselves in Newman's behavior with young boys, behavior that has him facing sentencing on seven felony charges, facing charges in Colorado, and possibly even more charges in Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and other states.

Though a prosecution psychologist noted that Newman's future behavior cannot be predicted and that there is a large rate of repeat offenders for this type of crime, the defense psychologist indicated that if Newman's homosexual urges could be resolved, he would never offend again.

KY3 reports that testimony has been completed in the Pete Newman sentencing hearing and that a brief recess was called at 12:15 p.m.

The judge is expected to render his decision after the recess.


Anonymous said...

I hope all the gay people out there are totally ticked about that! Just because you are gay doesn't mean you molest children! What?! That is insane.

Anonymous said...

Not any gay people I know and love do not molest children, but those brought up in right wing Christian Fundamentalist religions might, because of what they are taught or indoctrinated into. Pete is likley himself a victim of Kanakuk and Christian fundamentalism. Bring back mainline Christianity which is what our country was formed on.

Anonymous said...

"Newman is not a pedophile, he's just gay." Okay genius, tell us exactly what a pedophile IS if this isn't it.

PLAUD, this is the first case in the entire history of the universe for a person to be sentenced to 2 life sentences plus 30 years for being "just gay." Wow.