Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fred Barnes in Daily Standard: Blunt should win

Considering the side of the political spectrum Fred Barnes writes from, it is no surprise that in his latest Daily Standard column, he praises Seventh District Congressman Roy Blunt and says why Blunt should win his U. S. Senate race against Secretary of State Robin Carnahan:

Dennis Hastert, the former House speaker, is gone from Washington and pretty much forgotten. In February, his son lost a bid for his father’s old seat. The last we heard of ex-majority leader Tom DeLay, he was briefly a contestant on the TV show Dancing with the Stars. But former whip Roy Blunt, the third member of the Republican triumvirate that ruled the House of Representatives until 2005, has survived. He’s running for the Senate from Missouri, and more likely than not he’ll win
The column is filled with compliments for Blunt and characterizes Ms. Carnahan as being lacking in substance.

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Clark said...

Fred Barnes is a clown:

"5) Oh, yes. The health care bill, ObamaCare, is dead with not the slightest prospect of resurrection. Brown ran to be the 41st vote for filibuster and now he is just that. Democrats have talked up clever strategies to pass the bill in the Senate despite Brown, but they won’t fly."