Monday, June 14, 2010

Lamar couple killed in Iowa plane crash

Iowa authorities have confirmed that Orlan and Mary Kellenberger, Lamar, were killed when a single engine plane crashed Sunday:


Amanda Tackett said...

I'm very nervous about these small planes. Randy, can you give us an idea of how "safe" it is?

My daughter is really interested in aviation, and was awarded a scholarship for her pilot's license (she can't even DRIVE yet).

What do you know about these small planes and flying in Missouri?

Anonymous said...

As with anything whether it is cars, planes or trains, a lot depends on who is taking care of them. They are generally safe. I had the same fears as you are expressing when my son wanted to get his pilot's license. He also started before he could drive. He convinced me and I feel much better about it now but you still worry whether they are flying a plane or driving a car. I would encourage you to be a part of her learning and as a result you will feel better as you see her confidence in her abilities and herself increase.

Anonymous said...


I am a flight instructor at a small country airport and can assure you that small planes are very safe. Yes, accidents happen but these are few and far between.

Encourage your daughter to pursue her dreams! We ladies pilots are small in number, but growing in size. Aviation opens doors and challenges both men and women of all ages to "broaden their horizons".