Monday, June 28, 2010

Hartzler criticizes Skelton vote on Disclose Act

Former Rep. Vicky Hartzler issed the following news release this morning, criticizing Fourth District Congressman Ike Skelton's vote on the Disclose Act. Ms. Hartzler is running for the Democratic nomination for the Fourth District post:

Seventeen-term U.S. Rep. Ike Skelton (D-4th District) voted Yes on Thursday for grossly liberal and partisan legislation to attack the First Amendment freedom of grassroots issue groups nationwide.

Republican congressional candidate Vicky Hartzler said of Skelton's vote against the strong position of Missouri Right to Life and other citizen groups active in state and national issues of every description:

"This anti-freedom bill is akin to telling a local softball team they have to play with their hands tied behind their back. The Obama-Pelosi-Skelton agenda is sinking very low with voters in western Missouri and across the U.S. This plan is a trumped-up partisan effort to gag citizen groups that endorse issues or candidates or both. It is a panicked power grab to help career liberals like Mr. Skelton in November, that's all. This shameless power has two planks, exempt Democrat support groups by exempting national labor unions, while seeking to suffocate countless smaller groups with ridiculously heavy-handed federal tape. Ike Shelton just voted against American free speech. He voted to silence the advocacy work of Missouri Right to Life and countless other citizen organizations on issues across the board. He should be very ashamed."

The new government speech controls backed by Skelton would affect such activities such as voter guides and issue advertising.

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