Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Testimony: Newton County deputies coerced confession of Rowan Ford's stepfather

In the accompanying KY3 video, Dr. Richard Leo, an expert for the defense claims that the confession obtained by Newton County deputies from accused killer David Wesley Spears was coerced. Spears, 27, Stella, is accused of raping and killing his nine-year-old stepdaughter, Rowan Ford, a fourth grader at Triway Elementary School, in November 2007.

The reporting on the video is provided by Chad Plein, formerly of KOAM: 


Anonymous said...

One would have to be unbelievably stupid and impressionable to be coerced into confessing a rape and murder of a little girl. Though something is definitely wrong because both guys confessed to killing the girl so who knows? The lesson we learn from this? Don't talk to cops!

The Gimlet Eye said...

The Newton County Sheriff's Department has a deserved reputation for thuggery, torture, and coercion. As a result the 'confession' will doubtless be thrown out. If not thrown out, then the matter will be raised on appeal forever, and lead to a new trial.

It is precisely because of this idiotic thug image that what should have been an open and shut case will take three years to even get to trial. Now the matter has gone on and on and the defendants can claim that they didn't get a speedy trial.

The Newton County Sheriff's Department and Newton County Prosecutor are simply incompetent thuggush buffoons who couldn't properly and quickly try a chicken thief caught red-handed in a chicken house. All they know how to do is to make accusations and coerce confessions and then hope for a plea bargain. Then, when the defense knows what it is doing, it makes the behavior of the Newton County law-enfarcement the issue, as opposed to the conduct of the alleged criminal. There ends up a change of venue to across the state, then either a hung jury or a lessened sentence which will be under attack for the next ten years on appeal. This matter should have been settled by now but it wasn't because of Newton County incompetence.

These two defendants will end up wriggling out of a capital crime with lesser charges plea-bargained down. Then appeal after appeal costing millions more. Count on it.

Anonymous said...

Yea ask Sheriff Schlleman.

Anonymous said...

Don't ask SGT. MUSCHE of the Missouri Highway Patrol, he is a stooge for Social Services and Rocky Comfort School.