Monday, March 26, 2012

Huff receives prestigious MASA award

(From the Missouri Association of School Administrators)

 Dr. C. J. Huff has been selected by the Missouri Association of School Administrators as the recipient of the annual Robert L. Pearce Award for 2012.

 Huff was selected by a committee of his peers. Eight MASA districts nominated a superintendent for the award. The Pearce award includes a $500 cash award to the recipient and a $500 scholarship for a student in the district of the award winner.

 Huff has been employed by the Joplin School District as Superintendent of Schools since July, 2008. Previously, he served as Superintendent of the Eldon School District from 2004 until 2008. He was an Elementary Principal in the Nixa School District from 2001-2004, an Assistant Principal in the Springfield School District from 1999-2001 and an Assistant Principal in the Bolivar School District from 1998-1999.

 Under Dr. Huff's leadership, the school district has developed the Bright Futures Program which provides a framework for providing the resources to meet the needs of students and staff. By engaging the faith-based, business, and human service organizations, the program has been able to effectively meet the need of any student in less than 24 hours.

 The district has also developed a service learning component within the Bright Futures program which provides students with the opportunity to develop and grow as leaders and 21st century citizens. This district has also developed additional extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities for students to hone their leadership skills. The district is currently developing a career cluster approach to middle school and high school curriculum delivery.

 Huff has been active in MASA and has presented at numerous education conferences and for members of the Missouri General Assembly. He is an active participant in the Joplin Big Brothers/Big Sisters Volunteer Program; the United Way of Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas; the Joplin Chamber of Commerce and he serves as a handyman in the Joplin Children's Haven Volunteer Program. Huff is the twenty-sixth recipient of the prestigious Robert L. Pearce Award.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Turner,
Could you take the time to give us an update on the State of the School System, regarding Joplin Schools as it relates to the recovery after the tornado. How are the kids and teachers doing? Is the overall atmosphere positive and has the stress level on the part students, faculty and administrators at a level that everyine is doing O.K.?