Monday, March 19, 2012

Turner Report reaches 15,000 posts

The last post I filed a few moments ago was number 15,000 for The Turner Report.

The blog has evolved a great deal over the years. It started in 2003 and included everything from my thoughts about teaching to book and movie reviews, but it did not take long for me to get back into news.

For years, the blog featured a combination of news on politics, courts, and media, but two things changed its focus in 2011. The first was when I began writing blogs on education for the Huffington Post, and the second, of course, was the May 22 Joplin Tornado.

The Turner Report has also changed from just text, which I used over the first few years of its existence to a combination of text and videos that it is today.

Thanks to all of the readers who have helped make this blog a labor of love. From the handful who read it over the first few posts to the more than a quarter of a million a year who read it today, it is the readers who keep The Turner Report publishing.

It's time to start working toward 16,000.

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