Friday, March 23, 2012

Steelman: Give me the vote to get rid of Obamacare

In her latest fundraising pitch, former State Traasurer and current U. S. Senate candidate Sarah Steelman observes the second anniversary of the federal health care law in her own inimitable fashion.

Today is the second anniversary of the signing of ObamaCare.  The second year that Americans are beginning to suffer under a government-run health care law that gives Washington too much control, and patients too little.

ObamaCare has opened the door for continued overreaching by the government in many areas—including the recent mandate by the Obama Administration requiring faith-based institutions to provide services that violate their beliefs.

It’s time to repeal ObamaCare, and get the government out of running the health care system.
McCaskill stants with Obama and ObamaCare--Not Missouri. Click here to donate.
This election is critical to getting rid of ObamaCare -- and to the future of our country. If Republicans gain control of the U.S. Senate, the first thing they will schedule in the next Congress is a vote to repeal ObamaCare.  All we need is four new Republican Senators to get to 51 and take the majority, and we can vote to repeal ObamaCare! 

I want to be the 51st vote in the U.S. Senate to repeal and replace this massive health care monstrosity, and let the American people control their own heath care.  

It all starts here in Missouri.

Claire McCaskill voted for the passage of ObamaCare, and is one of Barack Obama’s biggest supporters in the U.S. Senate. Even though Missorians voted overwhelming against ObamaCare, she continues to support his failed health care program. 

She's out of 
touch with Missouri, and must be defeated.

Defeating McCaskill won't be easy.  She’ll have plenty of special-interest money to flood the state with half-truths and misleading ads.  But with a strong, conservative candidate—and the support of grassroots Missourians—we can defeat the Obama/McCaskill agenda and send a true conservative to the Senate.

Polls show that I am the strongest candidate running, and in the best position to defeat McCaskill.  This week’s respected Rasmussen Poll had me with the highest approval rating of all candidates tested – including McCaskill.  In fact, in a head-to-head contest with McCaskill, I am defeating her by 51% to 41% margin.

Obama, McCaskill and the liberal Democrat leadership in the Senate don’t want to run against me because they know I am a fighter, and can appeal to grassroots Missourians who are fed up with Washington and the failed agenda of Obama and McCaskill. 

That's why I need your help today.  On this anniversary of the signing of ObamaCare, I need your support todayto defeat McCaskill and become the 51st Senator who will vote to repeal ObamaCare.

Your contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can give, will go a long way in helping us send a new, conservative to the U.S.Senate.   

This November, Missourians will have the opportunity to be a key part of making history and taking control of the U.S. Senate away from Harry Reid, his liberal allies and their agenda—starting with the repeal of ObamaCare!. 

Thank you for your support!

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